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Nexus provides a bespoke advisory service across a range of areas for international clients. We combine a fresh approach with professionalism and expertise, offering a comprehensive, tailored services in today’s global and competitive market.


From companies’ formation across Europe and offshore, to real estate, accountancy and tax assistance, we guide each client through their journey as they expand their businesses in Europe.


With offices in key European cities and financial hubs, our multilingual team provide expert services and will work with you in your language, guiding you through the process in fluent English, Italian or Spanish.


In order to extend our reach and deliver the best possible service in each location, we also partner with qualified Chartered Accountants, Tax Advisors and respected legal experts. Our outstanding international team brings together leading professionals in the field, with a wealth of experience in advisory structuring and professional services. 


We believe in transparency, professionalism and reliability, ensuring we tailor our service to each client's individual needs, achieving results every time. Our commitment, high standards and professionalism are at the heart of everything we do, and we pride ourselves on offering a personalised, first class, bespoke service within an international market.

About Us
Why Choose Us


Bespoke Service
We have extensive experience in providing services tailored to each clients' needs
Transparency and Simplicity
We provide our clients with a straightforward service. Rest assured there are no hidden charges
Presence in Europe
Through our network of offices, we deliver our services in multiple jurisdictions across Europe
We have an outstanding international team with a wealth of experience in advisory structuring and professional services
Multilingual Service
We speak your language, our team will guide you through the process in fluent English, Italian or Spanish
Throug our network of professionals, we see client needs from different perspecitves to  provide the most appropriate solution
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